Privacy Notice Statement:

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals, including those who participate in this consultation, in accordance with the Privacy Act. This consultation will facilitate the sharing of knowledge, expertise, ideas, and best practices in areas of common interest to Veterans Affairs Canada, Veterans, still-serving Canadian Armed Forces members, their families as well as stakeholders. Information will also be used to improve service delivery and the design of engagement initiatives.

The consultation activities include:

  • An online discussion forum;
  • A questionnaire; and
  • In-person discussions (meetings in select areas)

The information is collected in accordance with the Department of Veterans Affairs Act. Information provided for this consultation should not include any identifying personal information about you or anyone else, other than your name, email address and whether you are a Veteran, still serving member or a family member.

Your participation in this consultation is voluntary. Acceptance or refusal to participate will in no way affect your communications with VAC or the Government of Canada. It is important to note that should you participate in this consultation, your registration process constitutes your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your information.

You have the right to the protection of, access to and correction of your personal information, which is described in the VAC Standard Personal Information Bank, Outreach Activities (VAC PSU 938) and/or the Public Communications (VAC PSU 914). You also have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding VAC's handling of your personal information.

Information received through the consultation process will be consolidated into a report that will not contain any personal information that could potentially be used to identify you. This report will also be published on the VAC website.

A third-party platform, PubliVate Inc, hosts the consultation on behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada. For additional terms and conditions, please visit the Terms and Conditions page.